A Samsung Phone Under £200/$200! | Galaxy A15 5G Unboxing

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G, a budget smartphone boasting a 50MP camera, mostly respectable specs and a price under £200. While the performance and gaming creds are a bit whiffy on the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G, this affordable phone could be a worthy alternative if money is tight.

That camera tech can capture some reasonably natural looking pics if you're working with decent lighting. In lower and softer light sadly you'll get noisy pics, while there's no 4K video option. Likewise, the Dimensity chipset with just 4GB RAM isn't good enough. The Samsung Galaxy A15 5G stumbles when using some camera modes, struggles with many apps and can only manage some light gaming.

Still, on the positive side, the Samsung A15 5G offers some features you won't find on the Galaxy S24. Memory card support and a headphone jack are two examples. Plus you've got excellent battery life and a proper decent AMOLED screen. Oh, but only a mono speaker. And none of that AI shenanigans.

So if you're after a budget phone under £200 (just), the Samsung Galaxy A15 5G is worth considering alongside the Poco phones and other recent rivals.

Samsung Galaxy A15 5G Unboxing Chapters:
0:00 - Blather
0:49 - What's in the box?
1:15 - Design
2:47 - Features & OneUI
4:34 - Display & audio
6:17 - Performance & gaming
7:43 - Battery life
8:31 - Cameras
10:56 - Byyyyeeeee
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