WhatsApp” is a big surprise for everyone who has a Samsung phone

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app, has finally added its awaited feature that allows users to migrate chat history to a different platform, in a new update for iOS and Android.

According to the technical website “theverge”, the new WhatsApp feature provides users of the messaging service with more flexibility to transfer chat history between iPhone and Android devices and vice versa, including all voice notes, images and text messages in conversations.

Although WhatsApp announced last May that it is testing a new feature that makes it easier for users to transfer chat history between smartphone platforms, but today it revealed that it intends to launch it for specific phones.

With the announcement of the feature to transfer chat history, while Samsung announced its new foldable phones, WhatsApp explained that the feature will initially cover transfers from iOS devices to the new Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3.

The Facebook-owned messaging service indicated that the chat transfer feature will reach other Samsung phones in the coming weeks, with the feature eventually covering all transfers between iOS and Android phones, but it did not clarify when it will be available to all devices.

The new feature was developed to address one of the most annoying limitations in WhatsApp, which prevents the transfer of chat history between different mobile operating systems, previously, users of the application were unable to restore chat history after purchasing a phone that does not run on the same operating system as its previous device.

For example, a user may not be able to restore a saved WhatsApp chat history if they choose to use the cloud backup feature, which stores chat logs on iPhones on Apple's iCloud storage service, while those for Android devices are copied to Google. Drive, which also means that it is only possible to transfer your conversations between phones running the same operating system.

Similar to transfers using a Lightning cable to USB-C, the new feature actually transfers WhatsApp chat logs, rather than sending them over the Internet.

Unfortunately, the new transfer feature won't integrate chat history transfer if you've switched between iOS and Android previously, and you have two separate backups on cloud storage services.

It is worth noting that WhatsApp recently added a library of 217 new emojis to its official global list of emojis.



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