WhatsApp launches the strongest warning to ban millions of accounts because of GB WhatsApp

Because of the features it has that the global version does not, the GB WhatsApp application, which is a modified version of the original WhatsApp or a copycat dedicated to Android phones, has spread widely in recent months on various platforms, and millions have already downloaded it, and it was able to spread more in the Arab world.

world, Because it had some of the characteristics that many people were interested in, the company that owns WhatsApp, Facebook, was concerned, and it moved quickly to warn people not to download it, and the situation escalated when it threatened to ban its account if the alternative platform was downloaded.


The attractive features of GB WhatsApp for many

In the beginning, and before we explain the details of WhatsApp’s decision to ban in the case of downloading GB WhatsApp, we reveal the most prominent characteristics through which the latter was able to attract millions of users, including:

*  Auto reply to messages.

* Send many pictures.

* Get more color themes for app design.

* Activate the status downloads feature.

* Seamless new features for individual and group chats.

Alternative users are being threatened with being banned.The threat of the company that owns the original global version of the WhatsApp application, after the increase in downloads of the GB version, as it saw that it would suffer from this and might lose a lot of users, so its last paper was pressure to prevent its download, by banning the official accounts of everyone who downloads the alternative version It could just be a threat that is taken seriously.

Getting started with some of WhatsApp GB's features

The original version, on the other hand, continued to release fresh updates that included some of the features seen in the alternative version, such as enabling incognito mode and hiding the last appearance, hiding the blue reading mark, or the option to receive, among other things.





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