When contrasting Samsung's Galaxy A53 5G, Google's Pixel 6a, the Nothing Phone 1, and each other,

Testing the best mid-range smartphone for photography quality, gaming, battery life, and more in 2022 by contrasting Google's Pixel 6a with the Nothing Phone 1, Samsung's Galaxy A53 5G, and more! It's a difficult decision, as I've used the Pixel 6a, Nothing Phone 1, and Samsung A53 as my primary phones (full review of Google's mobile coming soon). Personally, I'd choose a Pixel, but every smartphone has benefits and problems of its own.

This trio uses extremely different hardware for their cameras. While the Pixel 6a and Nothing Phone 1 take photographs that appear to be as natural as possible, Samsung's Galaxy A53 tends to make colors stand out. The A53, with its constrained Exynos chipset, shouldn't be your first pick if you're a gamer. For Genshin Impact enthusiasts, Carl Pei's smartphone—which functions well under pressure—is actually the finest option. On the other hand, battery life isn't that great.

The Nothing Phone 1 is the most expensive phone in this comparison thanks to its Gorilla Glass back and aluminum frame. However, unlike the Pixel 6a and Galaxy A53 5G, it is not water resistant. All three of the mid-range smartphones provide an OLED display, albeit the Google model is regrettably limited to 60Hz. You also get a dual speaker system.

Which smartphone is your favorite, then? Comment below and let us know!

Google Pixel 6a vs Nothing Phone 1 vs Samsung Galaxy A53 Chapters:

0:00 - A tremendous trio indeed

0:52 - Design

3:20 - Android & features

6:47 - Display & audio

8:06 - Performance & gaming

10:44 - Battery life

12:20 - Cameras

15:06 - Verdict



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