Glasses-Free 3D Tablet! | Leia Lume Pad 2

The Leia Lume Pad 2 is an innovative glasses-free 3D tablet for enjoying movies, games and content creation in three dimensions. Here's a closer look at this clever tab and its best features, and a huge thanks to Leia for sponsoring!

Order the Lume Pad 2, the world’s first 3D•AI tablet, right here. Note that U.S. Customers can save $100 by reserving before March 31, 2023:

Using dual cameras above the 12.4-inch screen, this clever tab can track your eyes and produce three dimensional visuals with impressive depth. The Leia Lume Pad 2 offers 2D to 3D conversion for video on YouTube, Twitch etc, as well as support for 3D games and object creation.

That mighty glasses-free 3D display supports 120Hz refresh while the stereo speakers pump out Dolby Atmos audio. US consumers can enjoy Leia Flix, while Leia Dream is equal parts addictive and ghoulish stable diffusion.

Leia Lume Pad 2 Chapters:
0:00 - Waffle
0:32 - 3D display
1:37 - Leia apps
2:05 - 2D to 3D video conversion
3:13 - 3D chat
3:30 - Stable Diffusion
4:08 - 3D gaming
4:54 - 3D cameras
5:47 - Byyyeeeee
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