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Google's Pixel Fold 2 is expected to launch later in 2024, boasting upgraded camera tech, a fresh Tensor G4 chipset, AI shenanigans and all-new design. Here's the latest Pixel Fold 2 leaks and rumours, and what I'd like to see from this latest foldable phone.

To beat the OnePlus Open, it's gonna take some serious software updates that's for sure. Still, Google's bendy smartphone should offer one of the best camera experiences on a foldable. And the Pixel Fold 2 will apparently sport a redesign much more similar to OnePlus' excellent Open.

You can expect the fresh Tensor G4 to power proceedings, so here's hoping this phone is a gaming superstar with excellent battery life. That's the same Google chipset that's the brains of the Pixel 8 and Pro, so the Pixel Fold 2 should be right up there with those flagships for games and AI features.

The UK price and release date are unknown but expect the Google Pixel Fold 2 to launch in October 2024. It should be on sale before Christmas, with a cost of around £1899. But what are some of your hoped-for features that you'd like to see stuffed inside the Pixel Fold 2? Let us know below!

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