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The Nintendo Switch 2 could be the 'Pro' model fans are screaming for, if recent leaks and news aren't total trouser. With a release date of 2024, the Nintendo Switch 2 isn't far off and here's what to expect from the performance, screen, games and other specs.

So, one of the only perturbing news bits around this new handheld console is the display. This looks like it should be bigger, although no word on a resolution boost - here's hoping for FHD. But the Nintendo Switch 2 OLED looks like it might be a later launch. For now, it looks like we may have a regular Switch 2 LCD instead.

Still, Nvidia's new Tegra chipset should mean that even fresh games should run well on this mini console. We haven't seen a Pro model yet, so this will be the first time Nintendo has boosted the performance since the 2017 original. The Switch 2 will also offer more storage, but we know very little about the rest of the specs.

Are you tempted to wait for the Nintendo Switch 2 or are you gonna grab another one of the best gaming handhelds right now? I've reviewed loads of them so go check out my round-up!

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