OnePlus 12R vs 12 | Unboxing & Early Review

Unboxing the OnePlus 12R with a quick review of the camera tech, gaming and Oxygen OS 14 experience, comparing it vs the regular 12. The OnePlus 12R is a more budget-friendly alternative flagship smartphone. You're sacrificing some performance and camera smarts to hit that UK price, and there are plenty of other differences too.

Still, the OnePlus 12R should satisfy all but the most demanding of users. While each of the camera sensors has been downgraded, you can shoot good looking pictures with this phone at any time. The ultra-wide and telephoto smarts of the 12 are a big step up, however.

Likewise, this global version of the OnePlus 12R can smash through games like Genshin Impact, on higher graphics. That frame rate occasionally stumbles, but the 8 Gen 2 is still capable, if not as beefy as the 12 8 Gen 3.

I will be testing the OnePlus 12R as my full-time phone soon for an in-depth review but so far the Oxygen OS 14 features look identical. Plus the battery life is still among the best of any smartphones I've tested up to 2024. That battery is actually slightly bigger in the 12R vs 12, with the same fast charge support. No wireless action however.

So that's my unboxing and early review of the OnePlus 12R, a more affordable alternative to the 12. Let us know your thoughts on this global edition below!

OnePlus 12R Unboxing vs 12 Chapters:
0:00 - R-rated?
0:31 - What’s in the box?
1:09 - Design
2:55 - Features & OxygenOS 14
4:39 - Display & audio
6:40 - Performance & gaming
8:12 - Battery life
9:01 - Cameras
11:51 - Verdict
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