Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Review | A Tempting Super-Sized Upgrade!

Reviewing Samsung's Galaxy S24 Plus, a bigger, faster option vs the regular phone, that isn't as expensive as the Ultra. You've got the same clever pants AI features and camera tools, while the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus uses that Exynos 2400 here in the UK. It's not as beefy vs the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 but gaming on Genshin Impact is still smooth, while battery life is commendable.

Grab your super-sized Sammy phone here:

This OneUI 6.1 smartphone may not be a big upgrade over last year's Plus for hardware, but Samsung has been busy adding AI smarts. The Galaxy S24 Plus can helpfully auto-edit any photos you shoot with the camera, which itself has improved with boosted processing skills.

Here in the UK, this smartphone is powered by Samsung's own Exynos 2400. Battery life only drops faster than the Snapdragon model when you're using the camera a lot or gaming, otherwise you'll get a full day from one charge no worries. And the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus can handle gaming without filling its pants.

Check out my Snapdragon vs Exynos video for more on that nerdy chip stuff, and my Samsung Galaxy S24, Plus and Ultra tips and tricks guide for a closer look at One UI 6.1. Are you tempted by this Samsung S24 Plus smartphone? Let us know below!

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus Review Chapters:
0:00 - An intro
0:42 - Design
2:43 - OneUI 6 & features
3:53 - Display & audio
5:51 - Performance & gaming
8:00 - Battery life
9:16 - Cameras
11:15 - Verdict
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