This is Why Ryzen 5 3600s Are FAILING!

Why are Ryzen 5 3600's and possibly other 4 core and 6 core CPUs starting to fail a lot more in 2023? Well today I check out memory lane and notice one huge difference.

00:00 The problem I personally came into with a recently purchased Ryzen 5 3600.
01:56 GAMING temps are HIGH! over 90 degrees with a wraith stealth...!?
02;55 Changing over to a wraith prism cooler, kind of... alleviates the problem, but doesn't fully.
03:50 Looking back at 2019 Tech Yes City Data, I think this is the REASON Ryzen 5 3600s are failing...!
05:57 How can we fix this? let's try change some settings (worst case scenario), checking out PBO, limits and more.
09:40 Problem FIXED! however we need to fine tune this some more, with an undervolt.
11:14 Conclusion, undervolt and temp limits are your best friend on cheap AM4 motherboards. Before and After.
13:08 Recommendations, Monitor your temps! My Magic number is 70 degrees for gaming.

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