ASRock's FIRST Gaming Monitor is a 34" ULTRAWIDE. It is Good, Mediocre or Terrible?

ASRock's PG34WQ15R3A (PG34WQ15R2B) has hit the scene, with 165Hz, 3440 x 1440p and a VA curved panel at $429. Though is worth it? Let's review this monitor today, going through the input lag, response times, overdrive and other features like; BFI (MPRT) technology, whilst testing the sRGB colors, white uniformity, back light levels etc.

00:00 Specs, price and breakdown
00:23 Unboxing, mini-oled display, base antenna and stand detail.
01:34 Power Consumption in various states.
01:57 Response Times, Input Lag, Over drive on Vs. OFF. MPRT Setting (Black Frame Insertion), on vs off. White uniformity levels. Back light bleed and cross hatching test, coating discussion.
04:10 on screen display, options and critique.
05:06 sRGB mode, vs idisplay pro colorbration, second critique. Colors are WAY OFF (especially red and greens). Final Critiquing points.
06:24 Recommendation, how did ASRock fare on their first Gaming Monitor?
07:01 Is it ultimately going to be good for Gaming?
08:13 Question of the Day, When are you going to show how to flash an RX 5700 XT to work with a Mac 5.1?
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