These DEALS are why I LOVE Buying USED!

It's time for the used pc parts hunt of the month here at Tech YES City and we are looking for EVERYTHING, GPUs, motherboards, power supplies, i7 cpus, ryzen 5 cpus, though something is A LOT different this month. I am noticing other peoples whole pcs are actually looking like the bargains to get.

Used Gaming PC search (buying local on average will get you a better deal, but if looking online, for the best deals go for ones with bad photos, but seller has decent feedback)
00:00 It already starts with a USED X99 Bargain!
02:13 GTX 970 deal
03:01 Scoring an RTX 3060 Ti for a decent price.
03:58 Catching up with LES!
08:38 Picking up whole gaming PCs? Can be worth a look for sure! RX 6700 XT whole system with Ryzen 7 5700x for a shade over $500 USD.
11:47 Testing out the GPUs and other parts.... Something unexpected.... and really bad! SMOKE!
13:57 Parts hunt tally and what I am going to do about getting hosed.
15:46 Used Market update.

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