Used PC Parts Deals are just getting.... Strange....

Welcome to February 2023s USED PC parts hunt, and this month I thought I would see more RTX 3000 series cards, especially RTX 3060 tis, instead there were quite a few RTX 3090s on display at decent prices, but RTX 3080s, RX 6800 XTs etc. were pretty bad prices! Though some

00:00 Starting off in Chiba City Japan.
00:54 Dos Paradise has some deals! though not what I expected!
05:40 Junk Paradise, RTX 3090s are quite decent on price, but I don't have a tourist visa anymore.
08:26 hard off number 1 comes bust off number 1.
11:42 hard off number 2 had a few things in the junk section!
13:37 Testing all the parts, summary and used market outlook.

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