13 Coolest Gadgets That Are Worth Seeing

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As always, we’ve found some amazing gadgets for you. The most powerful WI-FI router that actually fits your pocket. And a portable wind turbine that provides you with infinite power. Sci-Fi movies became reality – the Startrek communicator and a holographic AI-assistant that talks to you like a real friend. And this retro clock is smarter than it looks!

0:00 Introduction
0:24 Nextube - A retro nixie clock: https://nextube.kckb.st/da77fc3e
1:04 Shine Wind Turbine: https://bit.ly/3jaYBql
1:49 Thor Hammer Sports Water Bottle: https://geni.us/WaterBottleHammer
2:19 iNomad - Stay Connected via 5G, Anywhere You Go: https://inomad-stay-connected-via-5g.kckb.st/1b9f416e
4:20 Achedaway cupping massager: https://geni.us/Cupper || https://ebay.to/2UFJ74b
5:00 Weber Traveler Portable Grill: https://geni.us/PortableGasGrill || https://ebay.to/3sFnspb
5:36 Tula Mic: https://geni.us/TulaMics
6:20 Roxon 6 in 1 Foldable Grill Utensils: https://geni.us/GrillUtensils https://ebay.to/3y8QkqY
7:04 AtomPunk Rocket Lamp: https://bit.ly/3kfxCZT
7:28 Star Trek Communicator: https://geni.us/StarTrekCommunicator || https://ebay.to/387kY9Q
8:09 Mütesync: a physical mute button for video calls: https://bit.ly/3zc22T0
8:54 Sidekicks.ai: The most fun holographic AI friends: https://bit.ly/384Trpp

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