13-Inch e-Ink Android Tablet! | Onyx Boox Tab X Unboxing & Review

Unboxing the Onyx Boox Tab X tablet, with a review of the Android UI, eInk display, battery life, gaming abilities and stylus. This 13.3-inch ePaper device is one of the biggest tablets of 2023, but is the Boox Tab X worth that sky high price?

It's certainly bigger than Onyx's Ultra tablet, which I recently reviewed. You get 6GB RAM vs 4GB, and a couple of other minor upgrades, but it's the size of that eInk screen that's the major difference.

While you have Android running on the Boox Tab X, it is older Android 11. You can download Google Play apps impressively, and even games and video streaming services work, but with obvious limitations. That ePaper display isn't the best way to take in a bit of Tech Spurt!

So are you tempted by the Onyx Boox Tab X, which comes bundled with a stylus? Let us know below!

Onyx Boox Tab X Review Chapters:
0:00 - Get on with it!
0:39 - What’s in the box?
0:57 - Design
2:17 - UI
3:00 - Apps & Google Play store
3:39 - More UI & features
4:57 - Display
6:18 - Web browsing & video test
7:05 - Speakers
7:30 - Performance & gaming
7:58 - Pen 2 Pro Stylus
8:39 - Battery life
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