25 Coolest Gadgets You Will Definitely Enjoy

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Hey guys! This isn’t just another review of great new gadgets. Today’s list is the best of the best – the most unique and handy stuff from our previous videos. We had to make sure you didn't miss any of it. As always, all the links to the products you’ll find in the description below.

0:00 Introduction
0:29 Ring Clock: http://bit.ly/3sJ9bYa https://geni.us/EngravedRing (cheap alternative without clock)
1:09 Mini Rugged Outdoor Speaker: https://geni.us/RuggedSpeaker
1:51 Cubic Keychain: https://geni.us/CubicKeychain
2:15 3D Mechanized Playing Cards: https://ebay.to/3sabySq || https://ebay.to/3wO8pv1 || https://bit.ly/3daA95j
2:48 OGT Survival Companion: https://amzn.to/3gK6CQn
3:17 OGT Survival Axe: https://geni.us/TruckersMultitool || https://geni.us/SurvivalAxeMultitool
3:48 Rodless Reel: https://bit.ly/3dz3tCr || https://bit.ly/3jweXKJ
4:46 Wireless Car Charger Mount: https://geni.us/WirelessCarCharger || http://bit.ly/3qpa8DB || http://bit.ly/3pnUiYg
5:23 Gaze G.Bone Parking Number Plate: https://bit.ly/3rwUZBs
5:42 Geeek Club Cyberpunk Construction Kit: https://bit.ly/3uzoHGB
6:23 Squarespace
7:15 Electric Shocker Ring: https://bit.ly/2WEUx9e
7:45 ForeverPen: https://bit.ly/32BJv40
8:25 Folding Pocket Knife: https://geni.us/EDCFoldingPocketKnife
8:55 Manmower Trimmer: https://bit.ly/3yLMmpU
9:35 The Third Thumb: https://bit.ly/34O1qFx
10:14 F**H Brass: https://bit.ly/3eGevGG
10:43 Spider Man web shooter: https://bit.ly/32BRzS4
11:36 LaserPecker Pro: https://geni.us/LaserEngraver
12:20 Armor Case For iPhone 12 Pro Max: https://geni.us/ArmorCaseForiPhone12 || https://ebay.to/3mLe2Wd
12:53 Tap Strap 2 All-in-One Super Controller https://geni.us/tapwithus
13:30 Couchmaster Cycon²: https://geni.us/CouchGamingDesk || https://geni.us/CouchGaming_Desk
14:02 ZOLEO Satellite Communicator: https://geni.us/SatelliteCommunicator
14:37 Comma fidget toy: http://bit.ly/3s2NMsq
15:13 Cufflinks: https://geni.us/lKnA http://bit.ly/3tTkZrt
15:37 Steampunk watch ring: http://bit.ly/3pfga8j || http://bit.ly/3tSBunC || http://bit.ly/379ImTL || http://bit.ly/3796Qg5

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Cool Gadgets
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