Can you STILL Game on a QUADRO K4000? (Vs. GT 1030 D5, GTX 750)

The Quadro K4000, released 2013, how does it compare vs a GTX 750 or GT 1030. Let's find out!

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Check out the Quadro K4000 Prices here:
GT 1030 2G D5:
GTX 750 2G:

- Chapters -
0:00 The Backstory of the Quadro K4000
1:14 Sponsor, Get activated for only $12.
1:38 Direct power consumption comparison.
2:09 New World Benchmarks
2:32 CS GO
3:04 Borderlands 3
3:34 Age of Empires 4
4:08 Fortnite
4:25 is the Quadro K4000 worth it?
5:48 Driver Support... still a thing.
6:25 Online Prices
7:20 DX 12?
8:14 Question of the Day, why haven't I found this channel earlier?

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