How I Clean Up My Laptop

How to set up a laptop. Keeping a clean and simple desktop

Formatting/Fresh Install:
- I do the install in offline mode (without internet) so I don't have to log in with a Microsoft account.
- I turn off Cortana, history and disable all the Microsoft fluff.

- I remove every app I can except for Media Codecs (for video editing)
- Don't remove Cortana, MS Store, or Windows defender with 3rd party apps. That'll break stuff.
- I use Ninite.com to get an installer package. It's clean and free of malware/bloatare
- I don't bother with 3rd party virus Apps. Most of them are awful.

Centering Taskbar:
- I turn off the search bar, Cortana and the task view buttons.
- When you center the app icons, keep in mind that open apps will add to the tail end of it.

Rainmeter: (rainmeter.net)
- The skin I use is Mond. And I use my own font with it.
- The ones with heavy animations tend to use a ton of resources. Avoid those if you need to keep it light.

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