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  • A mysterious and suspicious "visitor" from deep space baffles and confuses astronomers

    The interstellar visitor "Oumuamua" puzzles scientists. Is it just a strange interstellar space object from a distant and unknown solar system? Or a spacecraft that might carry intelligent creatures?

    A strange and mysterious space object, traeling through space at a colossal speed of 90,000 km / h, and scientists believe that it came from the direction of "Vega", the star located 237 trillion km from Earth.

    It is the orb that is known as 'Oumuamua'.

    It was first discovered by University of Hawaii astronomer Robert Warrick, and immediately knew from its speed that it was a breakthrough in physics, and that it was not a comet or an ordinary asteroid, but an interstellar "strange visitor" from a distant and unknown solar system.

    Two things have puzzled scientists the most about “Oumuamua”, the first is its mysterious acceleration away from the sun, and the second thing is its strange shape, as it is, according to some estimates, its length is 10 times its width, which contradicts the traditional measurements known to other space objects, as the most elongated is Its length is only 3 times its width.

    Scientific journals and international media were filled with speculation, trying to answer a number of important questions, over the years that followed the discovery of this object.

    Is it just a giant lump of frozen hydrogen?

    Or is it, as Harvard astronomer Avi Loeb suggested, an artificial structure created by an extraterrestrial intelligent civilization?

    This was the focus of today's episode of the #Whats_New program with the media #Ashraf_Shehab, and the guest of the meeting was Professor Imad Mujahid, an astronomy specialist from Amman in Jordan.

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